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I am trying to pull data from a SQL Server using a for xml statement and place the information properly into an xml document.I can write the information to a document without a problem.

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Most of the samples have the dtd right in the xml file.

From what I can figure out, it appears if you want to map to an external dtd file, you have to use an Xml Resolver.

Hi JKC , Based on my understanding , you want to transform one xml file to another format which you can create a dataset from it.

Have a look at my sample, For this i have written a... Would someone please give me a checklist, direct me to a url, or maybe some directions on how to do the following?

Most of the data that I need to parse in the custom xml file is placed into CDA...

Take xmlnodes from a xml document and create a new xml document with them. I have a soap response which I am grabbing nodes from.

i would like to collect and try to fix all outstanding bugs/issues before making the release.

please let me know if you are currently experiencing any issues with the latest version from ccnetlive ( post build 131.

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