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Pechenik has worked as an executive producer in the 2013 movie It is safe to say Jacob Pechenik doesn’t have an active social media life as he appears to neither have a Facebook or Twitter account.

Given his preferred private lifestyle, there are no details available about Pechenik’s relationship/dating history and it is uncertain if he was previously married just like his wife Zooey.

Zooey Deschanel is popularly known for her old-fashioned charm and entertaining vigour.

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the star of my very own TV show (shocking, I know), but if I was, then I'd have to have a pretty good excuse for taking time off from said show — especially if my absence ran the length of six full episodes.

I'm, of course, making reference to Zooey Deschanel's temporary departure from in the first place and completely abandon her Season 5 duties?

"What was difficult was that it just didn't feel plausible that she wouldn't be in contact with them, that she wouldn't be emailing and calling.

We wondered if we should bank a bunch of generic Jess advice phone calls.

Emily's younger sister is a singer-songwriter and an actress. She is popular all over the world for television series ' Bones'.

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